Knight’s Eatery Cards

Reloadable eCards

Knight's Eatery eCardWe are pleased to offer a convenient way to purchase food at Hamilton District Christian High with our Knights Eatery Reloadable Card.  Just like any gift card, a balance is loaded on a card and declines as purchases are made. The online function provides convenience to purchase, reload without having to travel with cash.

Getting Set Up
Simply pick up your card from the front office.

Set up your card by going to: to register and load your card. Follow the instructions online to set up an account and check your balance. Cards can be reloaded online at any time. There is a minimum reload of $25 and any existing value on your eCard will be added to the new amount loaded.

Protecting Your Balance
If you haven’t already created an account you must do this first. Once logged in, Click on “My Account” and then select “Register a New Gift Card”. Registering your eCard will allow you to report the card as lost. Upon notification of a lost card, we will freeze the remaining balance immediately and transfer the balance to a new card. The same instructions apply for damaged cards. Please note that a $5 administration fee may be charged for each replacement if a card is reported lost more than twice per year.