Service Hours

Paperless Recording

We’ve gone to a paperless method of recording community volunteer hours. No more lost forms or missing contacts; no more rushing around to get signatures.

It’s easy to permanently record your hours; just follow the steps below.

Make an account at

  • enter need your birth date
  • the school board (Hamilton District Christian HS)
  • the school (Hamilton District Christian HS)
  • your Ontario Education Number (which you can get on EDSBY – click on the down arrow beside your name in the top left corner – copy your nine-digit student number from EDSBY into the OPEN box in Hour Republic)
  1. Click on the “volunteer” tab.
  2. Enter the information (including email) for your volunteer service.
  3. “Send” to your supervisor. Your supervisor or host may respond with NO, YES, or REVISE. Once your supervisor hits YES, your hours are automatically recorded… and you’re done.

Hamilton District Christian High will upload your service hours from HourRepublic once a semester and update your official school records. You don’t need to do anything more.