Student Services

The Student Services Department at Hamilton District Christian High is dedicated to helping students discover and develop their God-given gifts.

Director of Student Services Mr. Apers
Guidance Mrs. Boonstra
Learning Coordinator Mrs. Koiter

To help meet student objectives, the Student Services Department offers:

  • Academic counseling – course selection, timetable revisions, and academic planning
  • Academic support – study skills, program accommodations, and individualized program support
  • Post-secondary planning – exploration of post-secondary options and application processes
  • Personal assistance – counseling, conflict resolution, and outside referrals. A certified counselor from Shalem Mental Health Network is regularly available by appointment
  • Leadership and Peer Support – leadership training, tutoring and peer mentoring
  • Resource Centre – electronic and print library of current materials
  • Independent Learning Program – credit and non-credit academic support.
  • The Student Services office also hosts an HDCH EDSBY group. On the Student Services EDSBY page, students and parents can find forms, contacts, and information about enrichment opportunities, scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and community programs / events.

Course Selection

Consider your long‐term goals. Think about your gifts and talents, and consider what vocational pathways might be a good “fit” with who you are created to be. Click to get tips and useful resources links to help you make your best selection

Planning Ahead

It’s important to be prepared and plan ahead. At Hamilton District Christian High we have a fantastic Student Services team that is always ready and available to help you with any questions you may have! Use this handy Grad Guide to help plan courses for Grade 9-12. It’s packed full of graphic organizers, charts, and useful resources links!

Edsby-standard1EDSBY Learning Management System

Hamilton District Christian High uses EDSBY to communicate online. Students see their schedules and assignments. They interact in a familiar Facebook-like system, safe from the public Internet. Parents see their kids’ homework and grades. Teachers can see a student’s whole academic picture. Administrators receive school or district-wide analytics. Everyone gets what they need in real time.


Hamilton District Christian High offers students myBlueprint education planning software. myBlueprint helps students plan their education and make the most informed decisions about the future.

Learning Support

Our multidisciplinary Learning Support Team has training and expertise in academic, emotional, behavioral, social and physical support. Our team members collaborate with teachers to apply and reinforce strategies and procedures that develop academic and social skills.

Graduate Awards

From community contribution to outstanding academic achievement, Hamilton District Christian High students may apply for Graduate Awards.