Graduate Awards

Hamilton District Christian High Graduate Awards

For the graduate awards selection process, please see the Edsby Student Services page.

Cecil Kuurstra Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a current graduate who will attend a Christian College. The student intends to study an academic discipline that focuses on meeting the needs of people with a view to working in some form of Christian service. The recipient will have shown evidence of willingness for service and, furthermore, has good potential to achieve this goal. The current value is $500.

Eric A. Kippers Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded annually to a grade 12 student who reflects Eric’s desire to advocate for others, to work behind the scenes to ensure positive outcomes, and to encourage and to help others in need.

Edward Elzinga Memorial Scholarship
The E.J.E Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by Joan Elzinga in memory of alumnus & past parent, Edward John Elzinga (’73) who passed away from cancer in 2015.  Ed had a passionate desire to graduate from Christian High School. This scholarship is to be awarded to a graduate, who participated in concert band (or like program), who was a generous friend to others, who contributed positively to the community at HDCH, and who demonstrated a deep appreciation for their Christian education.

John Verduyn Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded on an annual basis to a graduate of Hamilton District Christian High School who has shown exceptional effort in achieving academic success. The successful candidate will have accepted an offer of enrollment in a College of Applied Arts and Technology or a Bible college. The current value is $1000.

Josh Bouwers Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded annually to an HDCH graduate who best reflects Josh’s spirit of kindness, openness and gentleness, his commitment to justice and fairness, his sense of wonder for Creation, and his love for family and friends.

 Sarah Han Memorial Scholarship
This award, offered in memory of HDCH graduate Sarah Han (2003), is presented to a student who exemplifies Christian leadership through curricular and extra-curricular involvement while demonstrating perseverance and determination in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Wiebe vanDijk Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded on an annual basis to a graduate of Hamilton District Christian High School who has demonstrated exceptional Christian leadership, maturity, and vision during his/her stay at HDCH and who will continue his/her education at Redeemer University College. The current value is $500.

Gerri-Lynne Veldhuis Memorial Bursary
Gerri-Lynne Veldhuis was a kind and compassionate person who shunned the spotlight, had an active imagination, and a curious mind. She was very creative.  She loved drawing, photography and makeup, and studied to be a makeup artist. She was eager to help others and would do whatever she could for a friend. Gerri-Lynne also struggled with mental illness.

Through the generosity of several donors, this bursary of $1,500 is intended to provide funding for post-secondary educational expenses of a young person who is compassionate, humble, and will graduate while facing a challenge, such as, but not limited to, mental illness. Preference will be given to a candidate who is interested in pursuing creative arts in higher education.

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Hamilton District Christian High Academic Plaque
The student has completed all requirements for the HDCH diploma and has earned at least 100 academic points based on the best thirty credits. This achievement reflects outstanding academic performance at each grade level. The point system is as follows: 4 points (90-100%), 3 points (80-89%), 2 points (70-79%), 1 point (60-69%), 0 points (0-59%).

Governor General’s Award
This graduate award is presented to the student in the graduating class who has the highest average mark in all Grade 11 and 12 courses. The Governor General of Canada authorizes our school to present this award.

Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award
This graduate award is presented to a graduating student for exemplary community contribution or outstanding achievement through volunteer activity.

Ontario Scholar Award
This graduate award is presented to students who earn an 80% average in at least six Grade 12 courses.

Student Awards

  1. The John Buesink Memorial Bursary – The bursary is awarded annually to a grade 11 student who is honest, trustworthy, and loving towards people in need and has demonstrated giftedness in the business program and has a clear understanding of Christian principles in relation to ethical business practices. The bursary consists of a $750 credit applied to the tuition of the recipient and a $250 cash award. For details on the selection process, see the Student Services page of our website.
  2. The Liz Williams-Bottinga Memorial Scholarships – These scholarships, awarded each September, recognize excellence and improvement in academics. Academic Excellence Scholarships are awarded to the students with the highest level of achievement in grade 10 and in grade 11, respectively. The Improvement Scholarships are awarded to the students with the greatest improvement in academic performance from grade 9 to 10 and 10 to 11, respectively. The value of these awards will be applied toward the student’s tuition at HDCH. A student may be awarded a Bottinga Scholarship only once.
  3. Kenton Van Pelt Memorial Scholarship
    This $750 Kenton Van Pelt Memorial Scholarship, given in Kenton’s memory, is awarded to students who desire to pursue and extend, Kenton’s people-oriented vision of hope and transformation. The award is intended to help defray the cost of mission and service opportunities.
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