Learning Support Program

Helping students unlock their full potential through Learning Support

As part of Student Services, the Learning Support Program is an integral part of Hamilton District Christian High. Our goal is to help all students discover their God-given gifts to help them develop their unique skills so that they can achieve their personal goals and serve their communities in meaningful ways.

Providing ongoing, responsive support
Our multidisciplinary Learning Support Team has training and expertise in academic, emotional, behavioral, social and physical support. Our team members collaborate with teachers to apply and reinforce strategies and procedures that develop academic and social skills.

The role of support workers will vary according to classroom dynamics and the learning requirements of the student. Regular meetings and check-ins with teachers provide the planning and feedback necessary to provide ongoing and responsive support.

Providing equity to every student
We strive to provide equity for students with identified challenges to actively participate in and demonstrate learning. In partnership with the student, the parents, and the school, we support students’ development of sound academic skills and positive social habits.

Individual Education Plan
Considering the recommendations provided by previous school records and health professionals our coordinator will outline information about the student’s strengths and needs through an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

The IEP is a working document for teaching staff that is reviewed regularly to reflect the learning goals for individual students.

Accommodations reflect a student’s IEP and are designed to help a student succeed within their academic environment. Accommodations do not substantially change the instructional level, the content, or the performance criteria of the curriculum.

Accommodations may include:

  • Project planning and organization
  • Chunked projects
  • Agenda support
  • Organization & Time Management
  • Note-taking support
  • Scribe or speech-to-text support
  • Reader or text-to-speech support
  • Reduced volume of assessments
  • Use of memory aids
  • Strategic seating in classroom
  • Extra time to complete tests and exams (up to double time)
  • Alternate settings for tests and exams