Wardrobe & Uniforms

The Hamilton District Christian High School dress code has been constructed in order to help the school meet its mission. A student dress code gives the student an immediate sense of belonging while enhancing the image of the school in the community. The goal of the Hamilton District Christian High wardrobe is to present ourselves both in school and out in the community as ambassadors of HDCH. As such, we expect our students to look neat, yet comfortable. Wardrobe will be clean and in good repair at school. In case of a wardrobe malfunction at school, there may be emergency wardrobe pieces available to borrow.

The dress code policy is in effect while at school, including lunch and spares. Students are expected to observe all aspects of the dress code for all school days and school-related activities unless alternate standards have been approved by the administration.

Hamilton District Christian High currently has a contract with McCarthy Uniforms. For more information about locations, options and ordering online, please contact them directly at www.mccarthyuniforms.ca

Wardrobe Basics


Tops must include a McCarthy shirt. Shirt options include:

  • long or short sleeved golf shirt
  • navy and burgundy rugby shirt (note that these are no longer available for purchase from McCarthy)
  • white blouse

Students may wear a McCarthy sweater or vest over their McCarthy shirt. Sweater options include:

  • sweater vest
  • pull-over sweater
  • zip up sweater

Students may wear a t-shirt under their McCarthy shirt for warmth or comfort. T-shirt options include:

  • Crew neck or v neck – no collar or hood
  • Long or short sleeves
  • Solid Colour – no visible patterns or slogans 


Pants may be purchased from McCarthy or another store, provided they meet the colour, style and fabric specifications of McCarthy.

Long pants will be:

  • flat front or pleated casual pants.
  • Solid navy or beige/tan in colour
  • No denim or stretch fabrics
  • Relaxed or easy fit (neither tight fit nor overly loose fit)
  • Sits at or just below the waist
  • Simple, plain adornments

Shorts or capris will be:

  • Same styling as above
  • Mid-length or longer


To enhance your personal style you are welcome to:

  • Include jewelry, socks, belts, and hair ornaments provided they do not detract from, cover up, or change the uniform style and fit
  • Hats and headscarves should not be worn during school hours, particularly inside the school building

Other Considerations

Wear and repair

  • Clothing will be worn as designed – no tying back shirts or rolling up pants
  • Shirts must be buttoned and appropriate for a learning environment
  • Items must be clean, the proper size, and in good repair
  • Pants must be hemmed and without holes
  • Clean, comfortable shoes must be worn at all times
  • Course-related clothing (e.g. PE or shop) will be worn during those courses only

Special Dress Days (i.e. Dress Down Days)

  • Students’ Council is responsible for requesting special dress days.
  • Criteria for special dress days will be in the announcements before the date.
  • Expectations for fit, lifestyle, and appropriateness for a learning environment will apply

If you have McCarthy’s items you’d like to sell, please email the office to find out about upcoming uniform sale opportunities: info@hdch.org, or 905.648.6655.