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Students learn how science and business converge with BioMedical technology

The grade 12 Biology class enjoyed a presentation from a biomedical technology company, Newsol Technologies Inc., located in Caledon, Ontario. Dr. Orson Bourne and Rob Massar introduced students to the world of biomedical devices.

Their invention, the personalized peritoneal dialysis machine, was the topic of discussion. The fascinating collision between the worlds of science and business was a new perspective for the students. Our guests demonstrated a portable dialysis machine that can cater to a person’s unique physiology and run in the comfort of their home while they sleep. Patients in Europe are currently using these devices, and they expect that within a year Newsol will have their Canadian Medical Devices License and be able to begin marketing in Canada.

The class was interested in the science behind this invention that can drastically improve the quality of life for people with kidney failure while they wait for a kidney transplant. Equally interesting was the world of patents, profits, licensing and marketing that must be taken into consideration for a business like Newsol Tech.

The presentation was a great connection between the homeostasis unit and the real world applications of the concepts that are learned.