Hamilton District Christian High Girls Volleyball at OFSAA

Senior Girls Volleyball at OFSAA

The Hamilton District Christian High Senior Girls Volleyball team defeated Jean Vanier and Thorold SS on Feb 25, 2016 to win SOSSA and continue onto OFSSA. OFSAA was held on March 6-9 at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate in Kitchener.  The girls finished 10th, losing in the consolation finals.

It’s been a great season!

Highlights from Cassie Heidbuurt, Hamilton District Christian High Grade 12 Student

The highlight of the season was definitely winning SOSSA.

Last year there was a big hype about the senior girls volleyball team and it was expected of us to win SOSSA and move on to OFSAA since we were hosting. Don’t get me wrong that was a huge highlight of my high school volleyball career as well. It just seemed a bigger deal this year. We were the underdog team that no one thought was going to make it through. I had faith though I admit I was skeptical at the beginning of the year. But by the time SOSSA rolled around I knew we had the skill to make OFSAA. All we needed was the determination. Fortunately, we showed that determination and got to go to OFSAA, for some of us the second year in a row.

I learned that people can surprise you and that working as a team can bring you further than you could ever make it on your own. The best moment at OFSAA had to be beating Woodland Christian High School, our personal rivals for quite some time. It was unfortunate that in the celebration of our win, our setter got a little too excited, sprained her ankle, and couldn’t play the following day but none the less that was a great moment.

I remember standing at the service line in the consolation final when it hit me that I was playing the final game of my high school volleyball career. I took a moment to stop and take it all in. The sounds of the crowd, the OFSAA banners on the wall, and the fiery determination in each player on the court. I knew then I was going to miss it all. Then the ref blew her whistle and I had no choice but to let the moment pass, serve the ball, and play hard the rest of that final match.

But that was a moment I will not forget.

Esther van der Woerd, Hamilton District Christian High Grade 12 Student

Throughout all my years of Hamilton District Christian High volleyball, I have been richly blessed through my interactions with the coaches and my team members as we faced obstacles and built up a strong, supportive community of girls.

I’ll never forget the moment when the reality that we would be participating in OFSAA for the second year in a row sunk in. The energy in the air exuding from the cheers of the crowds and ourselves was an unforgettable experience that I will always remember looking back on my high school years.