Sing-A-Long at Hamilton City Hall

Bringing Christmas joy to Hamilton

On December 9th, the Hamilton District Christian High Hearts for Hamilton team held our annual Sing-A-Long! On Friday after school, the team and the participating choristers met for our final practice and then we headed down to City Hall for our well-anticipated event. Although the weather didn’t work in our favour, the cold didn’t stop our joy and Christmas cheer.

The whole goal of this event was to bring Christmas joy to Hamilton and build community. As a group of students with a passion for being involved in our City and keeping God as our focus, we were able to watch as people got off their buses with glowing smiles, listen to the laughing children as they rang Christmas bells, and witness the connection between strangers who stopped and sang with us. We are so grateful for our fellow students and teachers who joined us, as well as all the people behind the scenes, who made our event possible.

We are very excited to start planning for next year and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for our team in the future.

Jessica Star