Drama is an exciting and vivid way to use the talents God has given.

Drama at Hamilton District Christian High strengthens the student experience with drama as a creative, collaborative expression. Drama is the physical embodiment of story. By investigating drama across history and cultures, we gain insight into and empathy for the stories of other people in different places and times. Through the study of theatre history and modern acting theory students will analyze cultural shifts affecting theatre today. Through script analysis students will explore the relationship between page and stage.

Drama Courses
At Hamilton District Christian High, we offer an open drama course which lays the groundwork for the principles of acting, staging, and vocal precision. The senior drama course exists to further the study of theatrical elements such as blocking, directing, and design. In each course, students are encouraged to challenge themselves physically, emotionally, and vocally through individual and group activities.

Spring Mainstage
Each class will also participate in an outing to a professional drama production.  Additionally, the spring mainstage production is an exciting place to get involved for all students via open auditions in the fall as well as technical and artistic expertise.

Extra-curricular Activities

  • Drama Club
  • Drama Production
  • Inprov Club

Arts @HDCH

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