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Together, we inspire young people

Brooke is in grade eleven and she has learned a lot about God’s purpose. On Grade 9 Day this fall, Brooke led our newest students in devotions. She related the biblical story of David to how she felt as a new grade nine student at HDCH:

“Often, in grade nine, we feel that there is no clear purpose in our lives yet. But God has a purpose for each of you.

It took me some time to realize this truth for myself, especially in grade nine, because I started thinking that God had a grander purpose for others and not for me. I started comparing myself to others, wondering if God had a grander path for their life and thinking that I would be stuck as a lowly shepherd, like David, for the rest of my life. By doing this, I built up a wall that blocked me from seeing God’s plan and purpose for my life.

Grade nines, you cannot live a life for Him and of Him when you have a mask on pretending to be someone else who you think is so much better. Eventually, I started allowing God to work through the cracks in my life.

Whether you are the King of Israel, or a shepherd boy, or love playing video games, or your hobby is in the arts – God can use your unique talents and gifts to be a vessel of his light and His word. How amazing is that! God has a purpose for your life. Not because of the things you did yesterday, or today, or what you’ll do tomorrow, but simply because of who you are and who He is.

I know being in grade nine might seem a little frightening, but God has a plan for you. He will guide you through those scary times, just like He did for a shepherd named David.”

Our students also lead us
Brooke’s words reflect the purpose we encourage in every student. She offered a beautiful demonstration of our mission: the cultivation of character through learning for a life of service to God.

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Together, we inspire young people

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