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Targeted Approach to Fundraising

Student Council members at Hamilton District Christian High (HDCH) planned a drive to raise funds for families in need in Hamilton but they wanted to focus on a particular item so that their peers would have a better idea where their donations were going. After a few conversations with Mark Raymond, Manager of Food Services at N2N, they planned to target a very specific need: providing families in the community with fresh milk.

HDCH Council set to work planning a milk drive fundraiser. Their idea was to see how much money they, as a school, could raise to help provide milk for those in need with a goal of $5 per student.

In a letter to the students, Mr. Raymond wrote:

With this ambitious project, your school has done more than just provide for thousands of undernourished families.

You are leading the way to a new model for poverty alleviation. You are helping us move towards a more targeted strategy of identifying the needs of our recipients and fulfilling them with precision and purpose. You allowed us to stretch our limited resources much farther and provide better service to more people in need. The decision to try this innovative new support method positions HDCH as a leader in our Neighbourhood”.

Through awareness and classroom challenges, HDCH students raised enough money for the centre to provide milk for every family that used the N2N Foodbank in the last 4 months. N2N was able to purchase 1872 bags of milk and plan deliveries in conjunction with other donors to ensure a season of nutritious abundance.