The Final Word 2016

Ted StauntonA Book Club Event

The Christian High School Book Club held its culminating event, The Final Word, at Durham Christian High School in Bowmanville on Tuesday, March 29.  

The event was attended by book clubs from Hamilton District Christian High, London District Christian Secondary School, Woodland Christian High School, and our host, Durham Christian High School.  

The day was replete with a group bus ride across Toronto, literary games, a communal lunch and an author visit by Port Hope, Ontario author, Ted Staunton. Mr. Staunton regaled students with his story of becoming an author, the writing process (including a show and tell of his original manuscript for his highly acclaimed Canadian children’s book, Puddleman), and some of his memorable school visits.  A teacher, a performer and an author, Ted Staunton has written a variety of books for both children and young adults.  

One of the Book Club ten reads on this years Christian High School Book Club list, Staunton’s book, Who I am Not, was the 2014 winner of the John Spray Mystery Award.  

IScottIngrid Scott
HDCH Librarian