OFSAA Girls Volleyball

The OFSAA Experience

In March 2015, Hamilton District Christian High was in a league of their own with talented athletes, super fans, championship competition and a sea of incredible volunteers. All of this activity culminated in a fantastic hosting of 15 teams from around this great province for the Girl’s ‘A’ OFSAA provincial championships.

We worked very hard to make this an exceptional experience for the athletes. The students showed a lot of initiative and worked hard on the details to make this event a success.”

- Brad Heidbuurt

HDCH tournament organizers took this opportunity to get the students directly involved with the planning.

Students were actively involved with everything from designing the event logo and updating the OFSAA website to helping with logistics and volunteering as linesman, score keepers and team hosts. A group from the communications technology class provided commentary and live streamed each game on all four courts using tricasters. This hands-on preparation for a real event is an exceptional way for students to gain valuable work experience.

Grade 12 setter for the Girls Volleyball team, Rebecca Powell, reflected on the experience from an HDCH athlete’s point of view:

“I had the opportunity to compete with my fellow teammates in the Single A Girl’s OFSAA volleyball tournament this past year. Earning our way into this tournament had been our goal as a team from the beginning of tryouts in November. Competing in OFSAA was definitely a highlight of my senior year at HDCH. It was a very fun experience to be able to be a part of this tournament.

I would have to say the most exciting part about this whole experience was feeling the bond and sense of community I had with my team. We challenged each other and worked together to play our best volleyball of the season, this was the best feeling.

The person who led our team throughout the whole season was our coach, Mr. Blyleven. From the moment he said, “I’m excited to have a team of thirteen” he pushed us to be a competitive team. He saw the potential in us and pushed us to reach our full potential and to never settle.

Every person on the team was a key component to our success. Despite the varying ages and grades, we were a cohesive team on and off the court. We were able to continue to encourage each other when we were down, and celebrate every victory.

Having the chance to play in this competition, when it was hosted by our school, was an awesome experience. Getting the opportunity to compete in a loud gym surrounded by fellow students and peers was exhilarating. I was humbled by all the support and encouragement that we received from the school community. This experience will continue to be one of my favourite memories from my four years of high school.”

This event was an example of just how exceptional a school community can be. As a school, our goal was that this tournament would look and feel different than any other event our guests have attended.  The welcoming spirit of HDCH infused the tournament from the breakfast banquet that was held at the Warplane Heritage Museum through the round robin games to the Gold medal presentation HDCH.

“OFSAA was an example of what is happening at our school, day in and day out. Our dream at HDCH is to be a place where exceptional Christian learning happens so that it can bless the Hamilton district region. Coaches, referees, athletes and parents from other teams have sent emails and made a point of thanking us in person for the quality of this event. We are so grateful for this feedback and so proud of our students for being such exceptional ambassadors.” Nathan Siebenga