The Sky is the Limit

Co operative Experience helps to Solidify Post-Secondary Plan

“I’m going to be a pilot so I wanted to get as involved as I could in the aviation industry. After an interview process, I was selected for the placement at Hamilton International Airport. Mr. Van Egmond helped me to find the perfect placement and I am very grateful.

This co op placement has really helped me with my post-secondary plan. It has been very beneficial for me to be exposed to the aviation industry. I have learned so much more than I could imagine. This experience helped me solidify my post-secondary plan and gave me an extra bit of encouragement that I’m on the right path. This co op has provided me with connections in every aspect of the industry and I am very lucky to have that. In addition to all of my learning, I have possible job opportunities open up for me in Sault Ste. Marie with Executive Aviation, who works with both Porter and Jazz.

My placement has truly been a blessing. I will be going to Sault College in the fall to begin my flight training. It’s an excellent program that is one of the best flight schools in Canada. I will graduate with 200+ flight hours, a private pilot’s licence, a commercial pilot’s licence, and a few ratings. Once I complete my program, I will simply do what I can to work my way up to an airline pilot!”

~ Alicia Ritskes ‘19