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Tiffany Links Disc Golf Course Project

In the fall of 2015 the Hamilton District Christian High. Following some research, we came up with the idea of creating a disc golf course somewhere on our campus.  

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Disc golf is a rapidly growing sport in North America, and we found out that there are few courses in the Hamilton area.  Our phys-ed classes do play it and we thought it might be a great sport to introduce and encourage at Hamilton District Christian High since it is easy to play and could be a fun activity during a lunch or after school. With many new neighbourhoods around us, it might also be something that would benefit our local community.  

Bridge Timeline

  • September-October 2014  Initial idea in Grade 10 Venture class to create a Disc Golf course on Hamilton District Christian High campus. A bridge is proposed as part of the project.
  • November-December 2014 Initial designs and sketches for the bridge. Students contact the Royal Botanical Gardens and get drawings and sketches of the bridge on the Captain Cootes trail.  
  • February 2015  Venture students present idea for Disc Golf Course to Mr. Siebenga. Preliminary work begins.
    A representative  from the Ontario Disc Golf Association meets with Venture class to protocol the course design. 
  • April 2015 Venture class presents proposal  for Disc Golf Course and Bridge to BoD Executive
  • May 2015   Hydrology Consultant prepares an environmental and hydraulic survey of waterflow in the Tiffany Creek and makes a presentation to Venture class.
  • June 2015 Initial application for Bridge permit submitted to Hamilton Conservation Authority.  
    Designs for signs and disc golf baskets completed and submitted to the manufacturer.
  • August-September 2015 Revised Proposals submitted to Hamilton Conservation Authority.
  • October 2015  Permission to construct bridge received.
    Students plant trees on Disc Golf course, and anchor plates and sign posts installed.
  • November -December 2015.  Bridge abutments constructed and beams installed,
    Wood decking and railings installed by HDCH student construction teams from TMJ20 course.
  • Spring 2016 :  Disc Golf baskets and Course signs to be installed for completion of Tiffany Creek DGC.

Our Generous Donors

  • Disc Golf Course Donors
    Waters Edge Environmental Solutions (Design for the Bridge Project)
  • Schilthuis Construction (Beam for Bridge)
  • Holtrop Steel
  • Lumber for Bridge Deck
  • Professional Disc Golf Association of Canada (Grant)
  • Chris Ozolins -Ontario Disc Golf Association (Design)
  • Connon Nurseries (CB Vanderkruk)-Trees for Course
  • Brother’s Equipment: Backhoe Mini
  • HBS : Crusher Run, Top Soil
  • Turkstra: Lumber: Eric Marticotte
  • Rustic Pines: Use of Dingo Auger Kevin Ritskes
  • Westbrook Systems (Basket Design and Logistics)

We considered a few different locations and worked with Mr.  Heidbuurt, Mr. Eisenga and Chris Ozolins, a professional disc golf player from Hamilton who we contacted through the Ontario Disc Golf Association, to develop a course design. We wanted to take advantage of the special features of the campus and decided to plan the course for the north side of the campus, along the Tiffany Creek, which runs through the property and separates our baseball and soccer fields.

As we did more planning it became clear we needed to also consider ways to upgrade the pedestrian bridge that connects the different sports fields. We realized a better bridge would allow people to access the course more safely and easily and also benefit other teams and activities that use our sports fields. The bridge would also allow better access to the property for our maintenance staff. We came up with some sketches and designs and approached our Tech teacher, Mr. VanderWier with the idea of having one of his classes build the bridge.

By the spring, we had completed our research and made an initial proposal to Mr. Siebenga and later, members of the Hamilton District Christian High Board Executive. They were supportive of the idea and gave us the approval to keep going.  While we had initially hoped to start the project in the spring of 2015, it took more time to get necessary permits and approvals.

Schilthuis Construction provided their help with materials and logistics. This process was finally completed in October 2015, and it was exciting to see the construction of this project and the footings and the foundation for the bridge installed.

We started installing the Disc Golf course tee signs and basket brackets later in November and plan to have the course ready for the spring of 2016.  Both the bridge and the disc golf course will be an enhancement to our campus and allow us to make better use of our campus for disc golf and other activities.

We were blessed by the support of a number of community businesses and professionals and will be recognizing them on a large sign at the first tee.  Next spring, we look forward  to seeing  many people taking advantage of these additions to our campus.

RVanEgmondBy Richard Van Egmond
Director of Venture