HDCH Venture Students meet with Filomena Tassi

Venture Class Meets with Local MP

How would you spend $300B?

That was the decision facing the Grade 10 Venture students at Hamilton District Christian High as they participated in the Student Budget Consultation.

Each year Canada’s federal government invites input from High School students as they develop the annual federal budget. The project gives participants a chance to learn about government priorities, the different levels of jurisdiction and the opinions of various parties and stakeholders.

The HDCH Venture class researched issues that came up during the October 2015 election and identified areas that were most important the students as a group and did further research to prepare a class budget position.

After the Fall 2015 election, the class contacted Filomena Tassi, Liberal MP, Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas, to congratulate her on her election, and invited her to join students to hear their presentations and on March 30th she  joined the class. Mrs. Tassi listened as students presented their arguments for why areas such as Environment, Infrastructure, First Nations and Refugees should each be priorities for Canadians.

The day I go to work and don’t feel grateful for the opportunity to serve the people in my riding is that day I shouldn’t be there.” Filomena Tassi

She also spoke about her work as an MP, and her vision for how her own faith and values led her to pursue politics after time as a lawyer and a chaplain in Bishop Tonnos CHS in Ancaster.

I see politics as something God leads me to do in order to serve others.” Filomena Tassi

Mrs. Tassi’s comments on her visit can be seen at:

RVanEgmondBy Richard Van Egmond
Director of Venture