HDCH Disc Golf Course
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New Sport Builds Bridges with Hamilton Community

Venture Students Create Disc Golf Course at Hamilton District Christian High

Are you ready for a fresh, new and challenging sport? Prepare yourselves for the upcoming Hamilton District Christian High Disc Golf Course opening in spring 2016! Disc golf is an addictive sport that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Tiffany Creek Disc Golf Course at HDCHThe idea of creating a disc golf course was originally brought to the Venture class in the fall of 2014 by Venture coordinator, Mr. Richard Van Egmond. It was chosen from a variety of projects for several reasons.

“We had a class that included students with interests in sports, design and tech courses as well as some knowledge about landscaping,” stated Mr. Van Egmond. “This idea seemed to connect with a number of things we were interested in.”

Disc golf is a golf-style game played with specialized flying discs. Instead of hitting a ball into a hole, you throw a disc into a target. The sport is increasing in popularity on an international scale, with more than 5,000 courses worldwide, primarily in North America. The closest course to Hamilton is located at Mohawk Park in Brantford, so we are looking forward to housing a 9-hole course right on the Hamilton District Christian High campus.

“I think it’s a good idea because it really opens our property to the Hamilton community, and perhaps it will make HDCH better known. It can be used in a lot of ways such as in Phys-Ed classes, or an activity for friends to do at lunch. Disc Golf is a great sport for people of all ages and a great activity to do outside.” Jaden Dilda, Venture Student

After the idea was proposed, Venture students started making plans. From the initial proposal to Mr. Siebenga and the HD Board to securing a budget, the class has been actively engaged in all the stages of this project.
Venture students determined what materials and supplies were needed, created the course layout, contacted companies to create signs, and even dug holes for the posts and baskets.

“The venture class really took the property that was before them and captivated it into a sport that almost anyone can play. It truly was a blessing to work with the students and staff to create something that can transform HD athletics.” Alvin Borg, Volunteer

LD_BridgeThe project also required that a bridge be built over Tiffany Creek to access the northern side of the campus. The bridge will also provide students with a path to get to school more safely. Out of all the challenges that came up over the progress of the project, the building of the bridge was definitely the largest.

“It took a long time to get the permits and approvals we needed, but it will be satisfying to say we built that bridge!”
Braden Zandstra, Venture Student.

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The students are grateful for the many people who donated their time, money, and resources to help complete the project. Included in this list is expert disc golf player Chris Ozolins who came in for a day last spring to offer advice on the overall plans for the course. Construction workers from Schilthuis Construction helped build the bridge and the fathers of two Venture students helped by planting trees and placing beams and basket supports into the ground.

“As a member of this community I feel I have simply used the gifts that I have in a way which is beneficial to serve others,” comments Mark Bassie, project volunteer. “I am honoured to have been a part of this project.”

The opening date for the disc golf course is set for spring 2016. Stay tuned for additional details. We can’t wait to see the finished result!

By Leslie-Jane DeBouer
Venture Student