Venture Students Connect with Entrepreneurs

Discovering Community Partners

coconut2One of the goals in Hamilton District Christian High Venture class is to connect with local entrepreneurs and find out what they have learned about how to start, grow and develop a successful business or organization.

Over the past 2 weeks Venture students have had the opportunity to visit Klassic Coconut in Simcoe, one of the two main suppliers of processed coconut in the eastern US and Canada. In addition, the class visited  Haldimand Motors (largest pre-owned car dealer in Canada) and Battlefield International in Cayuga, which supplies high tech components to several major aerodynamics companies in the US.

It has been fascinating for students to hear how all three owners have integrated their faith commitment with the daily challenges of hiring staff, developing a successful product, and managing the challenges of innovation and business development.

It is evident that each company has had a significant positive impact on their local communities, and students are now better able to appreciate how business can be tangible expression of Christian principles and values, and a way for God to work through our obedience in the marketplace to bless others.