• Braden, Grade 10 Student

    I really enjoyed my placement at VanderMolen Farms. I got to continue working at my summer job for another week and that I got to look more into the business of dairy farming.

  • Kenneth,

    My placement at an art gallery gave me the opportunity to do a variety of jobs, from accounting and organizing membership contacts to executing a full-scale art exhibition in our gallery. I am glad I did this placement since it normally would have been challenging to get a position as a gallery assistant in high school, and I was able to experience a different part of the world outside of the classroom by participating in an artistic industry. Would 10/10 recommend co-op.

  • JD,

    People who come into a cancer clinic are not inherently miserable but are going through difficult circumstances.  I learned not to judge them based on one interaction. I want to pursue a career in health sciences, and I realized at my co-op that there is a difference between being a great doctor and a good one and it has to do with how to relate to people and what they are going through. It was a great experience and not something you can learn as easily in a classroom.

  • Melissa,

    My placement at Hamilton Police Services has definitely prepared me for my career. I gained a solid understanding of both the mental and physical aspects of being a Police Officer. Being able to work directly with professionals in this field has been a tremendous blessing.

  • DS,

    I didn’t know what to expect at my placement with the Warplane Museum but the placement exceeded my goals. It gave me a lot of knowledge about the challenges of this field. The aviation engineering staff and employees are very passionate about what they do and it challenged me to also be passionate and work hard. It was great to use the woodworking skills I used at school to help problem solve and create a frame for one the parts we were trying to repair.

  • JR,

    I worked with five different coding languages (SQL, Java, C Sharp, HTML, Java Script) at my placement with the Population Health Research Institute. The best learning experience was seeing how they all can work together when creating a project and learning how to work with others in a team environment.

  • JH,

    I really enjoyed the medical aspect and the surgery during my placement at Queensway Veterinary Hospital. I have to take a very academic program to prepare for health sciences, and now I know more about how those skills are applied in the real-world setting. It is hard to decide a career by just hearing about it. You need to experience it

  • Laura, Grade 12 Student

    I’ve learned so much and have gotten great hands-on experience. Whether you know exactly what you want to do after high school, or are completely unsure, co-op is so helpful to confirm your career choice. Through co-op you will learn so much more about a career than just looking it up online. Co-op allows you to interact with experts in an authentic work environment and gives you the opportunity to enhance skills and learn new things.

  • Madeleine, Grade 11

    I did my placement at the World Renew Burlington offices. While I was there I got to experience a bit of life around the offices and learning more about what World Renew does. I also had the opportunity to write an article which will be published on the World Renew's website.

  • Chelsea, Grade 11

    I had the privilege of doing my placement at Westmount Terrace Retirement Residence. While I was there I learned how important it is to build community between the seniors and the workers. While experiencing this sense of community, I soon came to realize that working with seniors is something that I wish to pursue further.

  • Griffin,

    I did my placement at Ross & Mcbride, LLP which is a law firm downtown. I got to see what life in a law firm is really like. It's NOT how it looks on TV. I also experienced a day in court.

  • IE,

    “I enjoyed the opportunities to problem solve and figure out what would work in the real world of the job site. My placement confirmed that I want to work as a millwright in the future. My instructor was a really good teacher and he challenged me to make sure that I don’t “set the bar too low” as I plan my future career.