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  • Alicia,

    I'm going to be a pilot so I wanted to get as involved as I could in the aviation industry. My experience at Hamilton International Airport had helped solidify my post-secondary plan and gave me an extra bit of encouragement that I'm on the right path. This co op has provided me with connections in every aspect of the aviation industry and I feel very luck to have that.

  • Iris,

    The placement was not what I had expected. On my first day, I was already helping during the filming of one of our shows. Co Op is one of the best things I've ever done; I love my time at Cable 14 and all the people I've met. Not to mention having a connection like that is a great thing to have for the future.

  • Shelby,

    At Beattie Animal Clinic, they allowed me into the surgical room on my first day. I loved it so much that I would go in every time there was a surgery to soak up as much information as I could. I loved working with animals, spending time in surgery, and this is definitely what I would like to do with the rest of my life.

  • DS,

    I didn’t know what to expect at my placement with the Warplane Museum but the placement exceeded my goals. It gave me a lot of knowledge about the challenges of this field. The aviation engineering staff and employees are very passionate about what they do and it challenged me to also be passionate and work hard. It was great to use the woodworking skills I used at school to help problem solve and create a frame for one the parts we were trying to repair.

  • Asher,

    The confidence and leadership skills I have gained at Ideal Fitness will help me tremendously during university. Co-op has been an excellent way for me to experience what life is like after school, and has helped to show me where my interests are.

  • Melissa,

    My placement at Hamilton Police Services has definitely prepared me for my career. I gained a solid understanding of both the mental and physical aspects of being a Police Officer. Being able to work directly with professionals in this field has been a tremendous blessing.

  • Braden, Grade 10 Student

    I really enjoyed my placement at VanderMolen Farms. I got to continue working at my summer job for another week and that I got to look more into the business of dairy farming.