Venture Questions

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The Venture program is an innovative approach to integrating career discernment, employment preparation, and community engagement.

Venture FAQ

How do students enter the Venture Program?

Students in Grade 9 can apply to the program in December or January by completing the Application form on the website. All applicants take part in a group interview in teams of three or four. All students who are successful will be informed by a Letter of Acceptance in March and are asked to attend  “Lunch and Lab” planning sessions in April and May.

Is Venture only for students in certain kinds of post-secondary destinations?

Venture is designed for students in all 4 post secondary streams:  College, University, Apprenticeship and Workplace destinations. To date, we have had students in all four streams successfully complete the program.

What are the requirements for successfully completing the program?

Completing the Grade 10 full year course (Civics/Guidance and Designing Your Life), the Grade 11 Personal Management Course, and completing a Co op or Leadership placement of at least 1 credit in Grade 11 or 12.

How can students fit the Venture courses into their program, alongside their other academic requirements for graduation and post-secondary?

Two of the three Venture program credits meet diploma requirements. Academic requirements of different post secondary programs vary,  so students typically begin planning their schedule in Grade 10 to ensure they will have space for their Venture courses and a Co op or Leadership placement in Grade 11 or 12. Students need to make sure they plan for the required courses needed for their program and the timing of the co op placement. .