COOP Program

Planning for Post-Secondary Success

The HDCH COOP Program allows students to complete a community connected placement with an industry or organization employer while earning credits towards their OSSD and HDCH Diploma.

Linking Students with Employers

The COOP Program at HDCH provides a ‘win-win” way to link students with community employers

Students benefit by being able to:

  • “Test drive” a position in a career field they are interested in
  • Receive valuable, sector specific training and experience
  • Learn more about possible post-secondary pathways
  • Develop valued skills that will assist them in future employment
  • Identify personal strengths, gifts and abilities
  • Grow in creativity, ability to learn and problem solve

“This COOP placement gave me great insight into what being a mechanical engineer is like and it gives me valuable experience that I can use in the future.” ~ Cohan @ AWYZ International

Employers/placement organizations benefit by:

  • Gaining a short-term employee for meeting a vacancy or program need
  • Identifying a prospective employee
  • Developing training and mentoring skills
  • Creating an ongoing relationship with a excellent educational partner

Venture/CoOp Brochure

COOP Annual Calendar

Students choose courses for the coming year

Students Complete Online COOP Application Form

Student Interviews with Director of COOP Program

Students complete Applications and Interviews with Prospective Employers for the coming school year

“My experience has helped me grow my passion for what I hope to do after I finish high school. I’ve known for a long time that I want to study International Development, but I think that EduDeo made the dream feel more realistic and achievable for me.” ~ Nicole @ EduDeo