Venture Partners

We invite you to become a part of developing the next generation of Canada’s workforce.


Providing opportunities for students can have an immediate positive impact on your business and the potential to bring quality future employees into your workplace.

Hamilton District Christian High Cooperative Education links the academic learning process with the workplace through practical work experiences that are integrated with the learning objectives of the program of studies.

These programs provide students with the opportunity to develop significant networks and relationships with qualified professionals.

Exceptional, motivated candidates.
Venture students can provide your workplace with short-term assistance for special projects and a variety of workplace tasks. Hamilton District Christian High will connect you with exceptional, motivated candidates.

HDCH Venture and Co-op students:

  • Are interested & enthusiastic about work and careers
  • Possess increasingly specific and relevant knowledge in varied industries
  • Can immediately make meaningful, committed contributions to your business

We invite you to partner with us in one of the following ways:

  • Review and provide constructive feedback on resumes and portfolios.
  • Visit a class (as a topic speaker, expert audience panel member for a student presentation,“employer” in a mock interview session)
  • Be a community mentor for a student in Venture (e.g. offer feedback support, resources, and advice on project topic for a Grade 11 project; via personal or electronic contact)
  • Host a student for a Workplace Learning Placement. (1-5 days on site with Grade 11 student)
  • Provide one semester (1/2 day or full day ) Cooperative Education work placement (Grade 11 or 12 student)

“I really enjoyed my placement at VanderMolen Farms. I got to continue working at my summer job for another week and that I got to look more into the business of dairy farming.” ~ Braden Z.

Become a Partner

For more information about how you can get involved with the Venture program, please contact:

Richard Van Egmond,  Director of Venture & Cooperative Education
Hamilton District Christian High
(t) 905.648.6655 x 330
(m) 905.746.1437

Student OpportunityVEN_Circle2
In a customized learning program with a personalized, project-based approach, venture students develop:

  • competency in communication
  • personal management skills
  • creativity and problem-solving ability
  • leadership capacity and teamwork

Program Entry
Student entry to the Venture Program is through applications and interviews with the Venture Director, Head of Student Services, and with prospective employers.

Venture Pathways
Pathways provide students with the following potential destinations:

  • University
  • College
  • Apprenticeship
  • Skilled Trades
  • Workplace

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of our community partners:

Stackpole International
Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation
City of Hamilton (Building Division)
Battlefield Equipment Rentals
Queensway Veterinary Hospital
Juravinski Cancer Centre
Grand River Conservation Authority
Upper Paradise Total Physio

Deerview Crossing Retirement Residence
Dundas Medical Imaging
Maplewood Dairy Farm
Ministry of Natural Resources ON
W.J. Heaslip John Deere Dealer
Rustic Pines Decks
St. Joseph’s Villa
St. Peter’s Hospital
Townsend Butchers

Fortified Plumbing
Hamilton Warplane Museum
Higher Learning Montessori PreSchool
NetAccess Systems
County Line Custom Farming
Royale LePage Realty
Westmount Terrace
Haldimand Norfolk REACH Family Services

Support in our Community

Initially, the biggest challenge had been coordinating short term placements for the Grade 11 year. Businesses and organizations are familiar with the traditional full semester co-op format. Many are not aware that the high school program in Ontario also allows for students to spend up to 5 days at a work experience placement as part of a credit course, and not as many schools offer this option to their students.

I have been impressed by how quickly employers and organizations are willing to implement an opportunity and agree to take one of our students, once they have the information about how this works and what the benefits are.”

RVanEgmondRichard Van Egmond
Director of Venture and Cooperative Education
Email Richard