Viva la Vida

Music Classes Record At Grant Avenue Studios

Grade 10 and 11 Music classes recorded summative and term songs at Grant Avenue Studio.

The grade 11’s had been working on string instruments for only five weeks and managed to secure a beautiful arrangement of Coldplay’s Viva la Vida.


The Girl From Ipanema

They also recorded The Girl From Ipanema from an earlier jazz unit. The track was recorded with multiple takes. The students recorded vocals, drums, guitars, and piano first. Then they recorded the clarinet, tenor sax, baritone, tuba, and trumpets.

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Celtic Star of the County Down

To go with the folk song unit, the grade 10’s recorded a Celtic Star of the County Down with mandolin, guitars, piano, and djembe. Vocals to begin and end the track were recorded in groups of six singers at a time. Although the grade 10 class was prepared and willing to sing, their leadership student, Cal, taught the verse and chorus to the grade 11’s who happily joined in.
The low bass you hear? That’s the honorable Noah Hook, a true young bass. And the foot stomps? This was authentically recorded by two students, too!