Math Contest

Waterloo Math Contest

On Thursday, April 7th 2016, six grade 10, 11 and 12 students from Hamilton District Christian High participated in the University of Waterloo math team contest at our own campus.

The contest consisted of 3 parts:

  • individual contest
  • team contest
  • delay contest

Students used different math skills and prior knowledge to solve a variety of challenging questions, from algebra to geometry to trigonometry and to probability. 

What was hard about this contest was that none of the questions have ever been taught in the classroom. Students were exposed to questions they have never seen before and were tasked to solve as many as possible within a fixed time limit. 

I like this event!! The last four questions of individual work were really hard… I like team-work and relay problems because we can work together! The time is always not enough. Anyways, I like it so much!” Arisa Yang Gr.11

For some even tougher questions, students needed to be able to see patterns through trial and error, to synthesize and to generalize a formula or conclusion. It not only required strong algebraic computational skill but also critical thinking skill to tackle questions from a different perspective. HD students took up the challenges and persevered. 

For the team contest, students came up with a good strategy to coordinate each other and through discussion, solved questions together. The highlight was, by the end of the day, although many of them needed to return to their fourth-period class, they would still like to get together to solve more questions and have expressed high interest to participate this event again for next year.

I really enjoyed this contest. I like the different types of contests and how they took different kinds of team-work and individual strategy, I think it is a good way to broaden my math experience, and the team event was much more enjoyable than any individual contests I have done.” Esther VanderMeulen Gr.12