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What a Break!

Adventure in Nicaragua

Before things changed radically on a global scale, the Nicaraguan Mission trippers were en route to Managua, Nicaragua to support EduDeo’s HANDS – Helping Another Nation Develop Schools Program in this region of Central America. As a team, we managed the late-night travel through Mexico City and onto the capital of Nicaragua which for many students was their first time flying in an airplane! Coming from temperatures around zero we arrived in Managua and were welcomed to a humid 34 degrees and bright sunshine!

Our days in Nicaragua were filled with building community, sharing our faith, exploring the culture and learning so much more about the school that we raised money to help support their growth and learning. Our time at Bautista Libertad School was remarkable as we spent three days with over 600 students who attend this Christian school that was built by EduDeo in 2000.

We had time to lead devotions, participate in devotions, worship and sing together, teach crafts, play sports, perform in a school-wide assembly, travel with the senior class in the city, and participate in local house visits to the homes of the students we got to know while spending time at this school.

Some of the money we raised paid for paint and supplies to fix up their front gate and the murals within the schoolyard. We worked alongside the senior graduating class on this painting project on our final afternoon in Nicaragua. The bulk of the money we raised will be utilized to build more classrooms in the near future as the needs of this growing school are evident in this region of the city.

Over the first weekend, we joined another Christian School Mission team from Abbotsford, British Columbia to learn more about this region and culture. As a team, we toured the Masaya Volcano, enjoyed a boat ride on Lake Managua, ziplined Miravalle Canopy in Granada where the insects created a symphony of sound especially all the dragonflies, toured the city of Granada, and enjoyed an afternoon on the Suan Jan del Sur beach that weekend.

A highlight was the opportunity to attend a Nicaraguan church service Sunday morning where we were welcomed and provided with a translator during the service. The Pastor provided a clear message of how to handle Covid -19 as Christians and the different ways we could protect and support each other. Our nightly devotions provided time to share, grow, study God’s word and gain a better understanding of the world that we are living in today.

Connecting with the Canadian government, we were granted the assurance of re-entry into Canada but knowing the changing legislation for borders and flights EduDeo arranged an earlier flight home. This was a blessing for the entire team to ensure our health and safety.

As a team, we were blessed with the opportunity to work alongside EduDeo to support a HANDS school in Managua with their present programming and for future expansion.

Pauline VanderVelde, Christians In Society & FOODs Teacher
Hamilton District Christian High